• The semiconductor industry is a huge industrial chain and the cornerstone of modern technological development, widely used in many fields such as integrated circuits, consumer electronics, communication systems, photovoltaic power generation, lighting applications, and so on.
  • The technical team of T-Footprint has mastered semiconductor knowledge covering various industries, and we have a unique vertical integration advantage to undertake the entire engineering product development cycle from market feasibility to solution delivery.
  • We have always established close cooperative relationships with many global leading enterprises such as chips, EDAs, terminals, software, and operators, leveraging our accumulated technological and talent advantages. From conceptualization to implementation, our solutions help clients effectively shorten their product development cycles.

Automotive electronics

  • Automotive electronics is an emerging industry formed by applying electronic information technology to automobiles. In recent years, with the continuous transformation of the automotive manufacturing industry, the application and innovation of automotive electronic technology have greatly promoted the progress of the automotive industry. 
  • T-Footprint has been continuously exploring in the field of automotive electronics, focusing on providing high-performance and reliable services and cooperation to many well-known automotive electronics enterprises.  
  • We provide solutions in various aspects such as cockpit, power intelligence, and virtual instruments, helping clients upgrade their performance and applications, effectively reducing research and development costs, and improving product competitiveness.


  • The metaverse is the integration of a large number of existing technologies, including 5G, cloud computing, virtual reality, blockchain, digital currency, Internet of Things, and more. With the development of digitalization, the metaverse has emerged in a completely new way. In this new digital world, the metaverse has a wide range of applications, covering many typical fields such as industrial manufacturing, commercial activities, smart cities, cultural tourism and entertainment, medical and health care, and diversified consumer-side scenarios promote new breakthroughs in various technologies.
  • In recent years, T-Footprint has gone deep into the world of the metaverse, and has established long-term business cooperation with many of the world’s top 500 science and technology enterprises, helping them to make Digital transformation in communication services, website services, product sales, scientific instruments and other aspects. Optimize core technologies through research and development of metaverse related core hardware technologies such as AI, AR, and XR.


  • Nowadays, the Internet indury is dsteveloping rapidly and has penetrated into all aspects of human life. T-footprint has also caught up with the trend of the times, rooted in the Internet industry, and contributed its own strength to promoting the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure and forming a vibrant digital culture.
  • Our technical team has rich IT experience and professional knowledge, which can help customer enterprises smoothly achieve virtualized environments. Through server virtualization services, customer companies can achieve higher productivity from fewer servers and save overall IT costs, including hardware maintenance, warranty, and power costs, making life easier.
  • We can also provide clients with a virtualization platform, which supports enterprises to transform a single physical server into multiple virtualized servers, and can seamlessly expand or shrink according to the needs of enterprises. Through the application of virtualization technology, we bring flexibility, scalability and reliability to enterprises and creat higher efficiency and better user experience.


  • As a trustworthy solution provider for customers, T-Footprint is committed to providing financial IT services, solutions, application development, and other services to financial institutions.
  • We provide a comprehensive financial core system, including modules such as core account management, loan management, deposit management, and customer relationship management. These systems can help financial institutions improve efficiency, accelerate business processing speed, and support multiple business operations.
  • We help financial institutions achieve Digital transformation and provide more reliable and efficient financial services based on digital technology. Through long-term active exploration and innovation, we continuously launch new products and solutions.


  • As the material foundation of modern industrial society, manufacturing industry will develop towards high-end, intelligent and green in the future.
  • In the process of promoting the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, technological innovation is the key. The changes in technology have also put forward higher requirements for the company’s talent cultivation model.
  • In order to adapt to these changes and developments, T-Footprint has always insisted on working together with customers, making use of its own IP and platform resources, constantly promoting the Digital transformation in the manufacturing of the automotive industry, and creating a more excellent operating experience.

AI technology

  • As a strategic technology leading the future, artificial intelligence is regarded by many countries in the world as a major strategy to enhance national competitiveness and maintain national security.
  • Based on the turbulent information age, enterprises must accelerate learning and keep up with the pace of development of the times. To this end, T-footprint focuses on key AI technologies to help and accelerate the technological innovation and digital transformation of many enterprises. Based on the research and development of first-class chips and embedded software systems, we help and accelerate productization and technological innovation in the fields of server cloud, PC terminal, intelligent connected car and intelligent Internet of Things.
  • We help customers optimize computing and programming platforms, help customers develop and explore in face recognition technology, intelligent customer service, intelligent transportation and other fields, and reduce costs and increase efficiency through innovative technologies. We provide powerful and high-precision AI computing power, leading computing energy efficiency ,more advanced storage solutions, and widely support model reasoning for various applications such as vision, speech, NLP, search and recommendation.