We established long-term business cooperation with many Fortune 500 technology enterprises.

Founded in 2014, T-footprint is committed to providing excellent chip design, embedded system development, technical services and solutions, with accumulated technical experience and talent advantages, focusing on key AI technologies, helping and accelerating productization and technological innovation in the fields of server cloud, PC terminal, intelligent networked car and intelligent Internet of Things.

Our Value:

Openness,  Learning,  Respect,  Do,  Promises,  Mutual Assistance

T-Footprint adhere to the values of “Openness,  Learning,  Respect,  Do,  Promises,  Mutual Assistance, “. We insist on implementing these values in our daily work and constantly enrich their content.

We are committed to serving as a talent reservoir for customers and an accelerator for employee growth. We also provide employees with various professional vocational training, practical care and management, and generous welfare benefits.


Our mission:

“to be a reliable technical service & overall solution provider for customers”

T-footprint has been a trusted partner of customers for many years, adhering to the values of “practice” and “keeping promises”, and striving to realize all commitments to customers. We have the ability to quickly respond to customer needs, analyze the situation and formulate corresponding strategies based on market conditions, and provide customers with innovative and unique solutions for their digital transformation.


Our business model:

Whether it is a complete development project or an independent project module, it can be contracted to T-footprint Information.
The customer provides written requirements for the characteristics of the product, basic documentation of the technical development, standards for delivery quality and delivery dates.
T-footprint is responsible for providing the final product that meets previously specified standards in terms of schedule and quality characteristics.
Because of its low-cost, off-site nature, this model is an economical solution.


Clients in top 5 chip design companies


Business distribution points in 15 cities


Professional team of 1000+ members

Modern Office Environment

T-Footprint is committed to providing employees with a dynamic, comfortable, safe, creative and modern working environment. The office area features state-of-the-art technology and facilities, including high-speed internet, speakers, aggregation applications, natural lighting and air quality control systems. At the same time, the company also provides comfortable employee rest areas and eating areas, as well as gyms and pantry areas, so that employees can get better relaxation and physical and mental reconstruction after work. Our modern office environment provides comprehensive support and guarantee for the efficiency and productivity of employees.

We also have an equal and harmonious company atmosphere and respect each individual, pay attention to their self-management and self-learning.

Employee Care and Social Responsbillity

T-Footprint pays attention to the development of employees and has always been committed to providing a platform for the growth and progress of employees. We have mature leaders to provide training and guidance to employees in their expertise as well as career planning.

T-Footprint has always been a well-loved employer, focusing on employee caring, as well as a socially responsible and humanistic employer. We have already done a lot of social and charitable work, and have helped many employees with their various issues regarding career growth and work-life balance. We help employees with career planning, taking care of their families, solving problems such as relocation and cross-border work visas; we are always attentive to employees’ needs and are willing to help them. T-Footprint is proud of our people, who have always earned a reputation in the marketplace, especially when it comes to technology, innovation and collaboration, and who continue to learn, pursue innovation and have a passion for their work.