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Chip Design:

From design verification, comprehensive STA, to physical layer design and DFT, 10+ SOC chips were successfully tape-out (7nm/14nm/28nm)

  1. Architecture and IP: Based on ARMv8/v9, X86 and Risc-V cores, integrated GPU, NPU, VPU, ISP, PCIe5.0 and WiFi6 and other mainstream IP.
  2. Tape-out process: including TSMC 5nm/7nm/14nm FF, GF 12nm FDSOI/28nm, SMIC 14nm/28nm, Samsung 28nm FDSOI
  3. EDA: Covers various mainstream tools and environments from Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor.
Live/Offshore Mode

Cross-OS Embedded Soft Design:

From underlying BIOS/BSP, to middleware GPU/VPU/AI algorithm/container-virtualization, covering Linux/Windows/Android/RTOS/QNX

  1. Lower layer driver: Design various BSP/BIOS/Bootloader, including GPU/NPU/VPU/ISP/PCIe/USB/WiFi/BLE, etc.
  2. Middleware: Successfully integrated various AI algorithm architectures (TensorFlow/Torch/Caffe)/Graphics/Video/Audio/Security, middleware and container-virtualization.
  3. Upper-layer application: fully supports mainstream OS such as Linux/Windows/Android/RTOS/QNX.
SLO mode

Overall product design delivery:

Provide a complete set of solutions including software and hardware to server/PC/terminal manufacturers, support mass production and various test verifications.

  1. Cloud training, cloud inference, server and PC reference solutions.
  2. Smart car cockpit, TBox and ADAS reference solutions.
  3. AIOT and other intelligent terminal industry applications.
BOT mode

Data center and R&D lab construction and operation:

Build and operate large data centers and standard R&D test labs for clients.

  1. Large data center construction and operation.
  2. Construction and operation of R&D and testing laboratories for servers, PCs and graphics cards.
  3. Smart car cockpit, TBox and ADAS field test/drive test.

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