Talent cultivation

T-footprint aims to be the incubator and accelerator of talent training in the chip industry, to provide young people with passion and aspirations the opportunity to “overtake on a curve” as they engage in the development and testing of the chip industry.
The company provides workplace, technology, personal work management and other related training for new employees, and provides support for new employees to adapt to positions in leading companies in the industry; and makes use of the company’s years of experience in the industry, the company’s senior industry managers and technical experts help employees in their careers planning and prompt them better.

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Corporate welfare

In T-footprint, you can not only have good remuneration and working environment, but a stage to display your talents. In order to motivate employees to exert their greater potential, the company provides remuneration and benefits that are competitive and fair in the same industry based on its own actual situation; realizes a scientific and fair remuneration distribution system based on individual positions and their performance. The welfare system provides employees with five insurances and one housing fund, paid annual leave and company supplementary annual leave in accordance with relevant national and local laws and regulations.

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According to the characteristics of the project, the company formulates a performance appraisal plan according to the project content, progress and employees’ job responsibilities, and helps employees to summarize the performance of the stage through the assessment method, check the deficiencies in the work, and cooperate with the project team. Employees develop follow-up promotion plans.
The company provides fairness measures for recognition, incentives, promotions and salary adjustments through performance appraisal results.

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