established in 2014, is a professional company engaged in chip software technology. The company has a strong technical team and has long-term business cooperation with the world’s top 500 technology enterprises.

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Business  Segment

Based on foremost chip and embedded software system research and development, T-footprint constantly makes use of  the accumulated technical  and talent advantages, focuses on key AI  technologies, and helps accelerate the product transformation and technological innovation in server cloud, PC terminal, intelligent connected vehicle, intelligent Internet of things and other fields.  

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Enterprise  Qualification 

T-footprint has won 25 software copyrights  and has been awarded the honor “Best Supplier of the Year” by our partners for many years.  With rich experience in many aspects, we have obtained the certification of application software design and development business scope, high-tech enterprise certification, and a-level tax payer certification.  

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Efficient  Achievement

By cooperating with Shanghai University, Shanghai Second Industrial University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, etc, many efficient achievements are made. Specialized practice base is established to provide  students professional training, employment guidance, project practice so students will  benefit from it, better and faster integrate into the the future career.  

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Service Advantage

Proficient in chip and embedded system research and development, fully familiar with the entire industry chain from chip design to PC/AI, Internet of Things, and smart car products.

Chip design

Flow sheet covers TSMC 5nm/7nm/14nm FF,GF 12nm FDSOI/28nm, SMIC 14nm/28nm,Samsung 28nm FDSOI

Embedded software design

Drivers and middlewareinclude GPU /NPU /VPU /ISP /PCIe5.0 /WiFi6, TensorFlow /Torch /Caffe algorithms

Embedded system design

AI/PC based on Linux, Android, Windows,RTOS and QNX operating system,smart cars, AIOT product design

Ability to coordinate

across domains Fast response and communication to customers ,strong cross-domain technical resource coordination, punctual accomplishment of each project

Industrial chain advantage

An unique vertical integration advantage through close cooperation with global leading centerprisessuch as chip, EDA, terminal,software and operators

Experience in front & back end projects

Rich successful project experience in front and back-end of chips and embedded software,with more than 10 years of r&d experience infront-line multinational companies

T-Footprint’s solutions

Business Model

A complete development project, or stand-alone project modules, can be outsourced to T-footprint . The customer provides written requirements for product characteristics, technical basic documents developed, standards for delivery quality and delivery dates. T-footprint is responsible for delivering the final product that meets the previously specified standards for schedule and quality characteristics. This mode is an economical solution because of the low cost and nature of off-site operation.

Contract labor mode

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slo Mode

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