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T-footprint is a growing company that focuses on chip software technology development and provides technical services to customers. It has established long-term business cooperation with Fortune 500 technology companies. Committed to excellent chip design, embedded system development, technical services and solutions. The branches cover Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian, Wuhan, Chengdu, other Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions and some new first-tier cities, as well as north American and  Singapore with its operating headquarters in Shanghai.. We have accumulated advantages in technical experience and talents, focusing on code AI technologies, helping and accelerating productization and technological innovation in the fields of server cloud, PC terminal, intelligent networked car and intelligent Internet of Things.

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Adhering to the development concept of “people-oriented”, the company has created a superior career springboard for employees and provided professional technical services to customers. Over the years, we have obtained cooperation certification from many suppliers and international technical qualification recognition. In the future, we will be determined to win the trust of more customers and employees with an innovative spirit and a down-to-earth attitude. Combining the development status and pain points of the domestic chip industry, we will seize the lifeblood of chip and computer software technology and make progress together with the increasingly updated chip technology in China!



Open learning, respect for mutual assistance, commitment and practice



Growing in China and serving the world



Be a trusted solution partner for customers


Adhering to the tenet of “people-oriented”, the company is committed to being the talent reservoir of customers and the growth accelerator of employees, also pay attention to staff training, provide professional vocational training, practical care management, rich welfare and opportunities to settle down, etc.


T-footprint provides employees with a modern office environment, complete and practical office equipment and a comfortable and harmonious company atmosphere, which enables employees to have an immersive office experience. The company respects each individual, emphasizes self-management and self-learning, and the working atmosphere is relaxing, equal and mutually supportive.

leisure-time activities

T-footprint provides employees with a variety of spare-time activities, such as sports meetings, internal training sessions, online karaoke, virtual community activities, specialty competitions, etc., which can increase the cohesion of employees, enrich their lives and enhance their well-being.

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